+ Camera Girls Tattoos

Camera Girls Tattoos

A Dutch photographer has a tattoo on her forearm which makes it look like she’s taking a picture whenever she lifts her arm.

And Lotte van den Acker, 24, from Brunssum, didn’t have to look far for the camera body art – as her mother Helma van der Weide was the tattooist.

The optical illusion features an authentic image of a vintage 1970s Asahi Pentax 35mm SLR camera.


Her mother explained: “In the 80s, one of my girlfriends started a photography class and got herself this Pentax camera.

“At that time my daughter Lotte was born, on 11 November 1988, so my friend made very nice pictures of me and my lovely baby with this camera.

“I had the opportunity to buy my friends old Pentax and my daughter started using this camera for the first time, at the age of 10.

“After a while she got more and more interested in photography so she started an education at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam.

“Of course, she doesn’t use this Pentax anymore, we got her a Canon 7D and she makes great pics and films.”


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