+ Celtic Tribal Tattoos

Celtic Tribal Tattoos

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs are classic works of art that convert greatly into tattoos. It can be rather tough to find the right design for your next piece of artwork online though. I decided to share a little bit of knowledge and help guide you in your quest for finding your next piece of tattoo artwork.

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These designs gained inspiration from an ancient method of public relation. When the Romans took over Ireland, Christian priests flooded into the country in order to convert the Celts. The Celts did not use a written language, but they did use an extremely original visual style, which intertwined their love of nature with their attempts to show the complexity of life. They did this with designs that have no beginning as well as no end. By using this style of the early Celts, and combining it with Christianity the priests decorated many of their early Bibles with this fresh style. Resulting in an entire nation being converted to Christianity and the beginning of the Celtic Tribal Tattoo design.

It is not possible to say whether or not the Celts used their designs for tattoos as well. Julius Caesar did however write about seeing Celts with tattoos, although he did not indicate as to what kind they were. Still the distinctive Celtic Tribal Tattoo designs with their intertwining knots and representations of animals and other natural beings have kept their “cool factor” because they are directed on simulating a feeling and emotion rather than a realistic representation of the object.

If you are contemplating getting a Celtic Tribal Tattoo design, be sure and find a tattoo artist that specializes in the form. The background of these designs are filled with horrible versions of creative designs from artists that did not quite understand the task they were trying to achieve. Celtic designs are some of the hardest and most labor-intensive style of tattoo artwork available. Be sure you examine the portfolio of the artist so your tattoo can hold up to its 2000 year-old history.
The celtic tattoo design, which is often made of interlinking knots come from a culture known as the Celts. The Celts were a generalized group of people from Indo-Europe and surrounding areas in the pre-christian era. Celtic art is very intricute and often beautiful art. The architechural and design art commonly associated with the Irish, Scottic and Norwegian regions. The art is very “old world” and is very popular in modern jewelry. Celtic tattoos often come in the form of the celtic cross, celtic hearts and among many other celtic tattoo designs. Much of this type of art symbolizes old culture thinking and getting back to the root of things.


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