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Evan Rachel Wood Tattoos

The young 21 year old actress is probably most famous for her many independent films roles as well as her past relationship with Goth god himself, Marylin Manson. Evan has appeared in several movies in her short career. Evan became more well know after she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in the movie Thirteen. Another love of Evan is tattoos. She has several of them, including a few that she regrets.


Below is a list of Evan’s tattoos:

1. An outlined black heart on the top of her left thigh.

2. A lighting bolt inside the black heart on the top of her left thigh.

3. The letter “j” on her left ankle, which was for her ex-boyfriend Jamie Bell

4. Wood used to have a small strawberry with leaves around it in the shape of a bird. But she got it covered up after with a black diamond and some squiggle design on either side of it.

5. Evan’s latest tattoo is on the bottom of her neck and it reads “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

Evan has no problem talking about her tattoos and the meanings beh

ind them. Here Evan explains her black heart and lighting bolt tattoo as well as her strawberry tattoo she got covered up.

“That movie (Across the Universe) changed my life. I got a freakin’ tattoo on my ankle for the movie. It’s strawberries, where the leaves are in the shape of a blackbird and diamonds for (Beatles song) ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.’ I got to sing ‘Blackbird’ (in the film) and my (character) name is Lucy in the film, so I got the diamonds.”

“I kind of always thought I would get a tattoo but I was waiting for something really special. This was a moment in my life I wanted to mark. I turned 18 and I was living on my own for the first time and I was in New York filming a Beatles musical. I thought it was a good time.”

“It’s supposed to be a strawberry with leaves in the shape of a bird, but everybody says, ‘Is that a ferret sticking out of an apple?’”

“It’s a lightning bolt, for David Bowie, who inspired me to act and sing, and a black heart,” she says. “That was my present (from Manson). Somebody came to the house. We both got black hearts. It represents mad love.”


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