+ Lotus Tribal Tattoos

Lotus Tribal Tattoos

Are you thinking about getting a tribal lotus tattoo? This article will help you make the right decision on what ink you should choose!

Tattoos are a permanent choice and this choice shouldn’t be taken lightly. Tattoos are a way of making yourself individual and can be quite beautiful. But what sort of tattoo should you choose? Do some research before hand (the last thing you want is to change your mind in a years time)!


On line resources can provide very useful as they hold a huge number of different pictures and designs. Some of these websites may charge a small fee but it will be nothing compared to the cost of laser surgery removal if you want to change it! Another good way of finding the right design for you is to go to the tattoo parlor itself. These tattooists are trained professionals and as such will be able to tell you all about the different designs, what is popular, what will suit you and even what will hurt more!

You will know when you have found the right design. It will jump out at you and say “pick me”!

Once you have found your design make sure you choose a good parlor. Check reviews and ask around for recommendations. Make sure you leave plenty of time to have your tattoo done, don’t rush the tattooist as they won’t appreciate it and it will increase the chance of a mistake. Finally, enjoy your tattoo. Be proud of it and go show off your ankle tattoo to all your friends!

Good luck getting your new tribal lotus tattoo!


Lotus tribal tattoos have certainly gained a huge reputation in the far west and now worldwide. Wearing a tattoo remains the same but the reasons have changed as the years go by. Have you got your tattoo yet?


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