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Scarlett Sugar Skull Tattoo

Sugar skull tattoos are so cheerfull and colorful. Skull tattoos shows a sadness in a positive way. Actully sugar skull is for honour and respect for those who have left us. This sugar art starts from mexico in the 12th sentury. On this day their families celebrate and honour them. In there designs there is no defined rules. You can choose them of you own choice. Only one thing is common in sugar skull tattoos their multiple colours.


If you copy any other sugar skull would be called taboo. In sugar skull tattoos many things are added like flowers, skull, knife, pirate. Its up to you which type of sugar skull you pick. As I said one thing would be common in skull tattoos that thing is colours colours and a lot of colours. We have collected many beautiful designs of sugar skull tattoos select one of your favourite and conselt with your tattoo artist and have a amazing sugar skull tattoo in the memory, honour and respect of those whom you love most. Thank you for visiting our site please share in comments which design you like most.

Scarlett-Sugar-Skull-Tattoo-1 Scarlett-Sugar-Skull-Tattoo-2 Scarlett-Sugar-Skull-Tattoo-3 Scarlett-Sugar-Skull-Tattoo-4
Scarlett-Sugar-Skull-Tattoo-5 Scarlett-Sugar-Skull-Tattoo-6 Scarlett-Sugar-Skull-Tattoo-7 Scarlett-Sugar-Skull-Tattoo-8

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