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Sword Design Skull Tattoo

The general impression one gets when looking at skull tattoos is that of death, mortality and other morbid thoughts. As a matter of fact, most people associate skull tattoos with the occult or gangsters, giving it a really negative connotation. However, a deeper look reveals that there is much more to these tattoos and the meanings differ a great deal. The meaning of these tattoos is reflective of the culture or society in which it is used and the addition of a flower or some other design can give it a totally different meaning.


Skull tattoos come in various shapes and sizes and are created in different designs. Each of these has a unique meaning and is worn by the tattooed person for some personal reason. Before getting one, it is important to find out the meaning and what symbolism lies behind that particular tattoo.

In Shakespeare’s time, human skulls were often used on stage as a symbol of melancholy and despair. The character Hamlet holds up the skull of his friend, lamenting his death. In this way, skulls have also become a symbol of mourning, grief and emotional pain. A skull can be combined with other symbolic designs in a tattoo to express emotional pain. When combined with a broken or bleeding heart, a skull tattoo can symbolize the end of a relationship or the death of a loved one.

The Death’s Head, also called “totenkopf” in German, is a symbol that has its origins in Elizabethan England. The Death’s Head is a skull without the lower jaw, sometimes displayed with two crossed bones. This symbol was often etched into rings or even tattooed into the skin as a sign of moral looseness. The sign was generally worn by prostitutes, drug runners and the clients of these professionals as a way to recognize each other.

Skull tattoos can be a way to show that one is doomed in some way – either because of a disease or a dangerous lifestyle, but interestingly enough, skull tattoos can also be used as a symbol of protection from these bringers of death. In some cultures, such as modern biker culture, skull tattoos are believed to have a preventative effect, protecting the wearer from the Reaper. This is called an apotropaic symbol – a design that is intended to turn away or repel harmful forces.

here are some interesting pictures of skull sword tattoos and designs which will help you to have a tattoo of your own choice

Sword-Design-Scull-Tattoo-3 Sword-Design-Scull-Tattoo-7 Sword-Design-Scull-Tattoo-10 Sword-Design-Scull-Tattoo-11
Sword-Design-Scull-Tattoo-12 Sword-Design-Scull-Tattoo-20 Sword-Design-Scull-Tattoo-22 Sword-Design-Scull-Tattoo-23

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