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There is a variety of people who are associated with guns like soldiers, hunters and policemen. People are get the tattoos on their bodies accodeing to their association. Gun tattoos are also getting more common among the normal people who have not any association with guns but they are adoption this amazing tattoo on their bodies because of some reason and one of them a reason is protection as the guns have been used all aroung the world to fight and protect.

Whenever we talk about the gun tattoo, there is a most common gun tattoo that we can see among men and women, is pistol tattoos. As the pistol tattoos are small and slim they can be tattooed on any body part. There are two most common gun tattoos which are colt revolver tattoo and the second one is 9mm tattoo. Rifles, machine guns, AK’s, and shotguns can also be used when it comes to gun tattoo designs which are most commonly used by the military, army and navy.
Gun tattoos serve multiple purposes for those who wear them for symbolic purposes. Some people use these tattoos for passion and some are who use these tattoos just for a different variety as some people dilike guns and do not like them to put on their bodies but the many who have their assocciation with guns or they love guns. Men ususlly like to ink the gun tattoos with war or different gangs but this is different among the women in most cases as they like to make a gun tattoo on their bodies by decorating the guns with flowers and vines.


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