+ Tribal Heart Tattoos

Tribal Heart Tattoos

Tribal Heart tattoos are a very popular choice and a really cool tattoo design to get. There are tons of people that are looking for heart tattoos. The only problem is there is not just one heart tattoo design out there that everyone is getting. In fact there are a wide variety of different heart tattoos. This article will help you establish the differences in the most popular heart tattoo designs. If you have been considering getting your body permanently inked with a tribal heart tattoos then it is helpful to know a little bit about the designs.


As with all tattoos and symbols there are significant and powerful meaning behind them and before a person gets any ink work done on their tattoo they should be sure what the symbol stands for and its meaning to make sure it is something they really want. This article will help give you some of the basic information in regards to tribal heart tattoos designs and more specifically Celtic tattoos. Most art historians and Celtic tattoo Art enthusiast are quick to break all Celtic art work down to four main categories.

These are spirals, step patterns, knotwork, and crosses. While the last two are pretty self explanatory it is a little harder for the uninitiated to figure out what step patterns and spirals might look like. Spirals are usually a combination of different circles that have interconnecting lines and they are spiraling either outward or inward. A step patten is a series of straight lines that form a pattern that looks similar to steps.

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