+ Tribal Wolf Tattoos

Tribal Wolf Tattoos

Tribal wolves make for artistic tattoo designs. They are a great work of art and they can be customized, depending upon the expressions, surroundings and meanings you want to attach to the tattoo design. The most popular design is a wolf looking up at a full moon and howling. There can be numerous other expressions which can be assigned to the wolf. Some of the expressions are ferocious, relaxed, feasting on its prey, etc. A wolf is actually brown or gray but in a tattoo it can be drawn in black and white.
A tribal wolf tattoo can be artistic and convey a strong meaning. The expression of the wolf attacking or howling in the moonlight would be captivating. Tribal wolf tattoo symbolizes power, intelligence and courage. A tribal wolf tattoo in itself can be a work of great art and you can customize the expression, surroundings,A  based on the meaning you would like to convey.
A wolf design can convey a very strong meaning. It symbolizes power, intelligence as well as courage. In native America, wolves were considered to be spiritual guides, teachers as well as pathfinders. As a matter of fact, they have an important place in native American mythology. Wolves have been a consistent part of folklore, literature and folk songs. There are some native American tribes who assign the qualities of loyalty, victory, fidelity, dependence on their family, grace and perseverance to wolves. With all the attributes attached to wolves, they most certainly are powerful animals. But along with the positive meanings attached to wolves, there are some negative meanings as well.Many times, wolves are shown as lone animals, though they are, in reality, attached and devoted to their families. Modern-day dogs are said to be descendants of Asian wolves. For some people, a wolf tattoo is also a connection with the spirit of the forest and the earth. Do not assume that it is only men who have a fascination for wolf tattoos. Women also do opt for wolf tattoos. For women, wolf tattoos symbolize power as well as independence.


Wolves, in Native American culture were believed to spiritual guides, teachers and pathfinders. They have an important place in Native American mythology. In many tribes, wolves symbolize loyalty and perseverance.

Wolves although sometimes associated with a negative idea, they represent loyalty, intelligence, victory, fidelity, dependence on their family (pack) . All in all wolves are powerful animals. Although wolves are represented as lone animals they are devoted to their family. In fact, modern dogs are supposed to be descendants of Asian wolves.

Famous tribal wolf tattoos have an image of the wolf howling near the moon. Other expressions of the wolf include : being ferocious, relaxed, feasting, or howling. The color of the wolf is brown, but the tattoo can be etched in black and white. A tribal wolf tattoo with moon and clouds as a background is also a good idea.


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