+ Zombie Tattoos

Zombie Tattoos

Zombie tattoos are becoming popular among men and women, although Zombie tattoos are creepy. Because of Zombie tattoo popularity people might be thinking about getting this amazing tattoo. There are many kinds of Zombie tattoos such as, Zombie bite tattoo, Zombie brain tattoo, Zombify your favorite character and Cute zombie tattoo designs.

Zombie just want to bite and want to eat your brain so you can creat a Zombie bite tattoo anywhere on your body and it will really like that a Zombie has bitten and tried to eat you so you can also creat a teeth marks and holes where the teeth have punctured your body skin and the holes will show the blood and the bitten muscles. The bitten place will also show the disgusting and rotten looks. Zombie brain tattoo will only look great if you are bald as the Zombie wants to eat brains. There is a great idea for Zombie tattoo if a Zombie bite you on your brain and a small crack on the head will really look great. You can also design a Zombie tattoo for your favorite Zombie character. The character could be taken from a video game, movie, book or from a real life. To turn it into a zombie tattoo, you can give your choice pale skin, rotting flesh and a hungry look.How about a zombie fairy, angel, Hello Kitty, Stitch, moogle, cat, bird or anything you can think up. As the Zombie tattoos are creepy and disgusting but they can still look cute too. These cute Zombie tattoos will gear more toward women who love Zombies and along with this love the cute things.

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